HENRY L. JONES                                 Writer & Artist

Since my youth, I've loved writing. I can't remember not writing. I wrote to try to understand why I experienced certain events. Many were painful, so my words as a child were about healing myself and finding clarity. Like trying to solve a puzzle, I'd concentrate on the problems. There were answers. I just had to find the clues. I was the child who stared at a person's face wondering if wrinkles hurt. 

As an adult, I still have that habit and curiosity. Now I search for an inner truth. Most of my healing is done. Many of my poems make reference to my African American heritage. I believe this is true because of my family and interest in my culture. Also, there are so many questions still unanswered regarding our history and future. I believe writing poetry has the power of unleashing hidden images.

They may be subconscious symbols but they're there. Sometimes, I imagine myself speaking to my ancestors to find out what happened to them. Then, when I write that poem, it gives a voice to those lost souls. In some sense, I feel more like a translator than a writer. I like to blend events with emotions. This will help people remember them and become more personal. 

A reader or listener can find a part of himself or herself in a poem.    Whatever one human being has experienced, another human being can connect to on some level.  Using poetry, this is my ultimate aim to connect,  communicate with others. With each poem, I try to understand and share as much as possible about an experience. In my poetry, you'll read about people who I've met and or read about. Also, some of my poems are biographical. 

In each poem, I want a listener or reader to see and feel the images. There's this voice inside me which whispers, "look what I've found!" That's Henry the child who's still excited about the details of life and how they fit together. Those links, those common threads are clues for me to solve the puzzle, to find redemption. I believe regardless what we've done to ourselves or each other, we're worth saving for another day or poem.

Jones has published poetry in publications such as:   The Fisk Herald, Chicago Quarterly Review, Center Stage Magazine, Urban Flavor Magazine, Hendersonville Star News, The Vanderbilt Review, Blacks n Asia Magazine, Good News Journal, Urban Art Retreat Newsletter,American Collegiate Poets Anthology, Beatlick News, African American Reader, Mobetter News, Black Digest, and others.

He's an award-winning poet who shares his poetry at cultural festivals, schools, universities, libraries and other venues. For over 15 years, Jones has promoted literacy with creative writing workshops, hosting open-mics, and personal readings. He lives and works in Tennessee as a writer and artist with his wife and kids.




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